3 Ways to Save Time On Your Prescription Refills

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Between your job, family and household responsibilities, we know it’s hard to find the time to get everything checked off of your to-do list. Refilling prescriptions often gets shoved down to the bottom of the list until that “Oh No!” moment when you’re almost out and need that refill right away.

We understand that it can be hard to find the time to take care of your prescription refills, so we offer several options to help you save time and get back some of your day. Here are 3 different ways you can save time when refilling your prescriptions with us:

The Medmetrics App

Our easy-to-use app lets you quickly order refills, set medication reminders and manage your entire family’s prescriptions. The app is available for both Android and Apple users and puts all of your prescription information in one convenient and secure location that’s easy to access and available whenever you need it. You can find more information about the Medmetrics app and links to download it right here.

Text and Email Notifications

When you visit our pharmacy to drop off your prescription, make sure to let us know that you would like to receive a text or an email to let you know when your prescription refill is ready. All we need is your phone number, and we can call or text you to let you know exactly when you can up your prescription.

Free Shipping

If you’re not located near our pharmacy, or you’re just having trouble finding time to get back to us to pick up, we can ship your prescription to you at no extra charge. We ship statewide, so no matter where you live, we can get your prescription to you quickly. For more information on our delivery services, contact us at (480) 883-3800 or Hello@Medmetricsrx.com.

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