Improve your Digestion with these 6 Healthy Habits

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Your digestive system is extremely important to your overall health. It affects more than your energy levels and mood, it also helps protect against illness and plays a huge role in your overall well-being. According to Johns Hopkins University, digestive disorders account for more than 104 million physician office visits per year, but there are some simple things you can do to avoid being part of that statistic.

Here are a six simple things you can do to promote healthy digestion:

Chew Your Food
Chewing your food well allows your saliva to start breaking the food down for smoother digestion.




Get a Handle on Stress
When you’re stressed out, digestion slows down. Take the time to lessen the stress in your life, whether that means meditation, yoga, taking a break from the news or just taking a walk around the block every night.



Get Regular Exercise
If there weren’t already enough reasons to exercise, here’s one more–when you exercise, you are supporting the muscles of your intestines, which helps maintain regularity.




Take the Right Supplements
There are many supplements that can help improve your digestive system, including probiotics. Make sure you’re choosing a high-quality probiotic in a dose that’s proven to be effective.




Stay Hydrated
Drinking water supports regularity and can help assist in breaking down food as it moves through your digestive system.




Eat More Fiber
Dietary guidelines recommend eating 25-35 grams of fiber a day, so do your best to work more fiber into every meal.




If you’re interested in improving your digestive system, stop in and talk to one of our pharmacists today, or contact us here. We’ll help you develop a personalized plan that will help you achieve your health goals.


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