Save Money on Your Dog’s Next Prescription!

Medmetrics has partnered with Dog E-Discounts, a VIP Club for dog owners that works with with local and national businesses to provide savings on dog-related products and services.

We are a preferred Dog E-Discounts vendor and we’ve created a new way for you to save on your next compounded prescription! All Dog E-Discounts members will receive a 50% discount on their first pet compounding prescription.

How to Start Saving

First, head over to the Dog E-Discounts website and join their club right here. Once you’re signed up, you can start saving on your compounded pet prescription by filling or transferring your prescription to Medmetrics. We’ve made it easy to transfer your dog’s prescription, just click this link or the orange button below and complete the form. We’ll handle the rest, then give you a call or text you when it’s ready to pick up!

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