Ask Your Pharmacist

Do you have a question about your health?

PharmacistPharmacists are often an untapped resource of health and pharmaceutical knowledge.  Sometimes you just need your current prescriptions explained—dosage, frequency, side effects, storage.  Sometimes you want to know if your medications are safe to take with other medications, prescription or over the counter.  Other times you just want to know the best brand of cold medicine or our recommendations for fighting (and surviving!) the flu..  And, lucky for you, a locally owned pharmacy offers that personal touch.

The pharmacists at Medmetrics Compounding Pharmacy are ready to listen. Our pharmacists have extensive knowledge of traditional prescription medications as well as the additional training in the use of clinical grade vitamins and supplements, diet and nutrition. We offer classes for patients with diabetes, COPD and asthma, and more!

To schedule a private Medication Management session or to just ask our pharmacist a question, call us at 480-883-3800

You can also check out our FAQ page for quick answers to common questions pharmacists are asked.