Why use a Compounding Pharmacy for your Pet Medications?

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Pets are awesome. They are a part of the family. They can improve your physical well-being, reduce stress and also decrease the risk of certain diseases, which is why you need to keep them healthy!

A Compounding Pharmacy can help you and your pet by providing customized care before and after they get sick. In a nutshell, a Compounding Pharmacy works with you and your veterinarian to customize a treatment regimen to make taking their medication MUCH EASIER!

Animals come in all shapes and sizes and Medmetrics can help all of them. Some common animals Medmetrics
compounds Pet Meds for are:


Medication doses canbe customized by our pharmacists down to the milligram and also custom flavored in order to ensure your pet actually loves taking their medicine. Dogs usually love flavors like chicken, beef or bacon. Horses usually like flavors like apple or other fruits. We will work with you to find a flavor your animal loves!

Just some of the flavors we offer:

Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Orange, Green apple, Bacon, Marshmallow, Cotton Candy and more.


Animals can also have food and ingredient sensitivities or allergies just like humans. We can exclude ingredients like dyes, fillers, and preservatives if needed to keep the medicine as ‘clean’ as possible.


Over half the cats we see at our pharmacy will not swallow a pill. Birds often need medicine but can’t swallow much liquid at all. In cases like these we can provide a topical gel for the cat and make drops for the bird.

Things to ask yourself when picking a compounding pharmacy include:

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